Harmony Day – Everyone belongs.

Harmony Day was a great opportunity to celebrate the diversity at Bethal Primary.  We learnt that many cultures make up Australia and it is something to be very proud of. In 2B we celebrate difference and know we are all UNIQUE! In Australia everyone belongs and can be themselves.  We definitely think that is worth celebrating.


Procedural writing and pancakes.

We learnt all about procedural writing.

We learnt that a procedure tells us how to make or do something.

We learnt how to follow a recipe to make delicious pancakes. Yum!!

We have also be learning about healthy eating and learnt how to make healthy wraps.

 There were smiley face vegetables everywhere.

They smelt great sizzling in the pan. 


Welcome to 2B in 2018 … what a wonderful start to the year!


Welcome to 2B in 2018. We hope you stayed tuned to all our wonderful learning that occurs throughout the year by enjoying our blog.

The year has only just began and we have achieved so much together already!

I feel privileged to be teaching your children and getting to know the Bethal community. We are having so much fun learning together.

Love Miss Nadia 🙂